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Luu Qoo is a Taiwanese DJ and Model. Crafting her own brand of Leftfield Techno and “Oriental Gothic” looks, Street Style Planet Earth caught up with her in Taipei.

Originally from Taoyuan, Luu came to Taipei aged 20 to study fashion & textiles. In 2012, at the request of the trailblazing cyber tech fashion brand Damage Group, she landed her 1st modelling job. By 2016, Luu had reached underground icon status on the Taiwan party scene and was asked by the promoter of “SOMA Taipei” to DJ at the club’s 3 year anniversary.

Not shy of a challenge, Luu had only 1 month to learn how to DJ. “It was a wonderful time. I’ve loved electronic dance music all my life and was a regular at (Cult Underground Taipei Club) Korner.”

“Partying, dancing, modelling and DJing are all the same to me. I concentrate on things that I can do and learn from. Being immersed in Youth Culture is the most important aspect. I was also promoting underground parties so being asked to DJ just seemed part of the same bubble. All you need is a passion for music and the skills build with experience.”

Self expression through clothing or music is the root of Luu’s spirit of freedom. “I found a way to explore myself creatively and how I select and choose my style is more important than anything.”

August 2016 saw Luu play at Tokyo’s infamous Trump Room (nothing to do with Donald). A sadly closed iconic venue dripping in gold and glitz, and setting for numerous music videos, photos shoots and the must-visit party venue of choice for visiting international musicians and celebrities. “I was doing some modelling in Tokyo and I got invited to DJ. I remember the crowds just looking at me and that gave me the feeling to rock it. And I did! To this day, what drives me and gives me inspiration in DJing is the connection with the audience.”

Street Style Planet Earth asked Luu about her stylistic and musical inspirations and the delights of Taipei.

Where can we see you play in Taipei?

I DJ at FINAL once a month

Who are your DJ/Musical heroes and inspirations today?


How would you describe the techno music scene in Taiwan?

It is still young but not immature. There’s many kinds of Techno parties to be found in Taipei

If a techno fan is visiting Taipei from overseas, which clubs / venues would you recommend them to check out?

B1, FINAL, Pipe.

Where would you most like to DJ that you have not yet played?

Amsterdam - A hardcore festival called "Unpolished".

Do you have dreams of living in a foreign city to take your DJ career to a new level?

Yes I think Berlin is the easiest way to level up but I'm in no hurry.

Have you ever made you own track/music? Is this something you would like to do?

Yes I do but I don't really enjoy the process so much. I make music to learn more about the technicalities and intricacies of music. Someday I'll release something when I find out how to enjoy the process more.

How would you describe your fashion & style?

Oriental gothic in cozy way. The world is a small village, I'm a witch who collects stories.

Do you have any favourite designers?

Maison Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, Jenn Lee.

Do you wear much vintage? If so, where do you find it?

Yes, from my travels and from my beautiful mom.

What are some of you favourite fashion stores or vintage street markets?

10 TOW (Shibuya, Tokyo).

What is your favourite city outside Taipei?

I have many favourite cities, I love cities with culture.

Outside of Taipei, how do you see the techno / music scenes in other Taiwanese cities? Are there many opportunities for a young female DJ to get started ?

Yes I think there are growing opportunities for new artists, you just need to put yourself on the path.

What are some of your favourite hangouts in Taipei?

I always go to spots around my house, it's nearby Ningxia Night Market.

My recommended spots in Taipei:

Coffee shops: 61 note, Triangle Garden Cafe,

Clubs: FINAL

Bars/ Restaurants: Jie Genge, Divaldo.

People all over Asia always talk highly of Taiwanese food. What do you think makes Taiwanese food special?

We are culturally mixed. We love to mix everything, so this follows into food and drink. Always fresh and inventive!

What is your favourite Taiwanese food and where can you find it?

Pork intestine thin noodles with oysters. You can easily find it on the street or in one of Taiwan’s many night markets.

All photos by Al de Perez for Street Style Planet Earth

Shot on location in Taipei, Taiwan

Words & Photos by Al de Perez

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